Why Is the Finished Panel Not the Length I Programmed Into My Controller?

Category: Roof & Wall Panel Machines

If the panel is a different length than you programmed into your PLC or EZ-Counter controllers, the most common cause of this issue is that the encoder may need to be adjusted. Make sure that your encoder is making contact with the material inside the machine and that the tension is set properly.

Follow these steps to align and tension the encoder:

  1. Consult your machine manual to find instructions: https://newtechmachinery.com/learning-center/resource/manuals/
  2. Make sure all covers and guards are removed from the machine. *Don’t operate your machine without covers and guards in place!
  3. Locate your encoder. Check your machine manual for help on where to find the encoder inside your machine.
  4. Required tools: 5/32″ hex wrench, 3/32″ hex wrench, 7/16″ boxed-end wrench.
  5. Using 5/32″ hex wrench and 7/16″ boxed-end wrench ensure through-bolt is tight but do not over-tighten.
  6. Remove rubber cap on top of encoder.
  7. Using 3/32″ hex wrench, apply pressure to the encoder and tighten the internal spring. This allows the encoder to make contact with the panel.
  8. Reinstall the rubber cap on top of the encoder and replace all cover and guards.

Note: SSQ II MultiPro Machines use a self-tensioning encoder so this process does not apply. If you encounter any issues or if you are using the UNIQ Control System, please contact the Service department.

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