The Panel Isn’t Forming Properly or Having Shape Issues

Category: Roof & Wall Panel Machines

If the finished panel doesn’t look straight, has shape issues, or the legs are the wrong size, this could mean various things:

  • Check to make sure your profile tooling is set up properly and in alignment.
  • Ensure your entry guide is set up correctly for the coil width you’re using.
  • Ensure the material position on the expandable arbor is correct for the tooling profile in the machine. The arbor adjuster must also be on the correct side of the machine.
  • Check that entry rollers and shear/profile dies are correctly aligned to the material.

Watch this video demonstration for the correct procedures for all of the above: (Even though this video demonstrates the steps on an SSQ II machine, the process is similar for the SSH and SSR machines. Refer to your specific machine manual for detailed instructions.)

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