Gutter Running “Away From the House”

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When holding the gutter in your hands and looking straight down towards the ground, if it appears that the center of the gutter touches the fascia but the ends do not, that means it’s “running away from the house.” 

Refer to your gutter machine manual before making any adjustments to your machine.

Learn How to Sight a Gutter and Identify Gutter Shape Issues

If your machine has multiple issues simultaneously, like “downhill” and “into/away from the house” only adjust one thing at a time. If you’re unsure how to adjust your gutter machine contact the Service department first.

How to Adjust the Green Station to Fix Gutter Running “Away From the House”

If the gutter is running “away from the house,” adjusting the green station of the gutter machine swing shaft assembly can help fix this issue. Follow the steps demonstrated in this video or check out this article:

To fix gutters going away from the house, you’ll need to adjust the swing shaft assembly, color-coded green. This assembly applies pressure to the head of the gutter and is the most common adjustment used to straighten the gutter.

To straighten your gutter:

  1. Loosen the two “J” bolts on top of the gutter box assembly enough so that the swing shaft assembly can slide.
  2. Turn the adjustment bolt “K” to move the swing shaft assembly.
  3. To fix gutters going away from the house, turn bolt “K” CLOCKWISE a quarter of a turn at a time.
  4. After making an adjustment, run an 8′ long piece of gutter to check its straightness.
  5. If needed, adjust further by repeating the steps above, and be sure to check the gutter lip before completing any adjustments.
  6. While holding the swing shaft adjustment assembly so bolt “K” is against the box assembly, retighten bolts “J.” 
gutter box assembly

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