The Gutter’s Hem / Lip Is Too Big

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If you find that the lip or hem of the gutter is coming out rippled or distorted it could be because the lip is too big. The recommended lip on a gutter is approximately 1/4″ to 5/16″ maximum and should be turned under.

On a MACH II™ Gutter Machine, the easiest way to fix the problem is to move the Face/Right Entry, Back/Left Entry, and Post Entry Guides to the left. (Note: “left” and “right” sides refer to when you are facing the entry end of the machine.) Reference the Entry Guide Assembly Section of your manual for instructions based on the sizing and configuration of your gutter machine.

If an adjustment is made on the Face/Right Entry Guide, you’ll also have to adjust the Post Guide on the first skate assembly as well as the Back/Left Entry Guide, using the coil as a guide. There should be no visible space between the entry guides and the coil. The guides should also not be so tight as to cause the gutter material to bind in the entry guide assembly.

Learn the proper way to adjust your MACH II Gutter Machine’s Entry Guide in this video tutorial:

You can also check out our detailed article on some common gutter machine problems and how to fix them here.

***Please note, depending on the year your machine was manufactured, there are some differences in the parts that need to be adjusted:

  • If your machine was machine manufactured in December 2014 or EARLIER: The last 4 digits of your machine’s serial number will give you the month and year it was produced. If the last 4 digits are 1214 (December 2014) or earlier, you will not have the Post Entry Guides to move.
  • If your machine was manufactured in January 2015 or LATER: If these 4 digits are 0115 (January 2015) or later, you will have a Post Guide Assembly.

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